November 8, 2015

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Electronic Payments Business Opportunity For SMEs

UNIQUE PRODUCTS features/benefits

  • INTEROPERABLE: Instantly across 7.4 billion 2G telephones – AS IS:
    • Instant gratification. No app to download, install or learn
    • Human-friendly simple Voice/SMS cash-like steps
    • No bank/card accounts required
    • Cash-use familiarity for faster/easier adoption
  • AFFORDABLE: No Internet. No costly data plans. No add-on devices
  • Stand-alone. Launch in 30 days. No IT skills required
  • Cash In / Cash Out at thousands of merchants nationwide
  • Small Business affordable: Local licenses start at $

* Local telco charges may apply


Prepaid/Gift/Loyalty CardsILC Prepaid Card

  • Profit per transaction
  • In-store, online or person-to-person payments.
  • Profit per transaction
  • Cash in at 8000+ stores (Q2 2017) OR any willing ItsLikeCash account holder
  • Cash out from 17,000+ outlets (Q2 2017) OR from any willing ItsLikeCash account holder


Pay BILLS from ANY phoneeBill

  • Receive/Pay bills electronically via Voice/SMS*
  • Zero cash handling/management issues
  • Billers earn (vs cost) per payment/collection
  • Use from ANY phone – AS IS. No apps to download
  • Secure API
  • Launch in 30 days. Secure APIs

ANY-phone eStamp Vending Machine
(In select markets)

  1. Withdraw amount of your Estamp code
  2. Write Estamp code on the envelope or package
  3. Drop mail in the postal box or pick up





ANY-phone Parking Meterparking

  • Zero capital. Instant “Meter-less” parking system
  • Convenient. Use ANY phone – AS IS.
    • Meter timer, expire and extend alerts
    • Remote meter feed
  • Safer and More Secure
    • No cash collection/transport issues
  • Stand-alone. Launch within days.
  • Customizable Rates. Based on times of day/week
    • For Private/Public parking
    • For Cities, Provinces, LGUs

Detect Fake Consumer Goods (under development)parking

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