November 8, 2015

About Us

Cash has been the universal retail payment form for centuries and this deeply rooted cash-based behavior will not go away anytime soon. ItsLikeCash adopts and leverages the universal acceptability of cash standards avoiding drastic changes in consumer payments behavior. Most mobile money solutions are constantly re-engineering ever-changing technologies/devices to process bank money forms (only), practically coercing consumersto constantly adapt to confusing and rapidly changing technologies or be left behind.

For ItsLikeCash USA, an innovative Silicon Valley CA startup, ItsLikeCash is the practical and inevitable extension of the life of cash into eCommerce – and made it openly INTEROPERABLE across ANY of the 7.4 billion telephones – regardless of device, platform, carrier, channel and/or technology.

For the tens of millions of cash transactions occurring daily outside banking networks ItsLikeCash now makes them safer and more convenient for users. Using cash and voice as universal standards, ItsLikeCash offers simple, secure and familiar “cash-like” mobile money which aims to: 1) serve the huge poor, tech-challenged and cash-based unbanked/underbanked global population (but with access to ANY telephone), and at the same time, 2) tap into their massive global cash-based economies progressively left behind by Ecommerce.

ItsLikeCash measures and monitors every time “cash” changes hands outside banks’ walls, opening the floodgates to finally monetize the cash “shadow” economy. Remarkably, ItsLikeCash’s business model enables and empowers instead the SMEs (small to medium enterprises – countries’ economic backbones) to get a piece of the $720 billion mobile payments revolution – otherwise available only to deep-pocket corporate giants.


Leadership Profile

Rafael “Andy” Eugenio


Rafael “Andy” Eugenio, founder of Trimont Inc., invented and developed the next generation electronic payment medium, ItsLikeCash. He brings with him vision, leadership, passion and decades of diverse business experience with Fortune 100 companies, mergers and acquisitions, and startups ranging from Telecommunications to Real Estate in US and Asia. Prior to establishing Trimont, he was Senior Director of Mergers & Acquisitions for Cendant Corporation, NJ (now Realogy) involving International Real Estate brands Coldwell Banker, Century 21, Sotheby’s International and ERA, and Franchise Business Development Prudential Real Estate Inc, for the Pacific Northwest markets.Andy was the California Project Director for Outsourcing Unlimited, Inc. (OUI) of Atlanta, GA, (since acquired by ScanSource Inc.) a leading provider of training, programming and implementation services for Avaya (formerly Lucent) voice and data markets. He headed teams which installed, programmed, trained and commissioned 86 Avaya enterprise systems in California. Andy founded World Communications Technologies, Inc. the very first prepaid phonecard company in the Philippines. As CEO, he established voice/data circuits, transport and switching contracts with AT&T, Sprint, Pacific Gateway and Teleglobe, Canada, and successfully developed and implemented a regional distribution network of 143 independent dealers/channels in the Far East and Middle East Asian markets.

Andy acquired Canlubang International, Inc, a California Real Estate investment firm. As CEO, he raised private and institutional financing and developed, leased and sold out low to mid-rise residential, commercial real estate and public utility projects in California. He co-founded Calrex Corporation (California) which as CEO, he acquired and operated multi-office Century 21 Real Estate franchises in California, and in Hong Kong, in joint venture with Taiwan’s largest food conglomerate, the President Group.

Kambiz “Ken” Farnaam, Ph.D.

Kambisz-farnaam-237x300Ken is an experienced veteran of Silicon Valley with a successful career spanning 31 years of management and executive positions in development, manufacturing, operations, and marketing in high-tech companies ranging from start-ups to major international corporations. He is an entrepreneur in heart who quickly evaluates new concepts, envisions their growth potentials, devises winning strategies, and efficiently implements the plans to turn the concepts into viable companies. Ken has an established track record in helping companies develop and launch new products, and in guiding and making start-ups successful. Dr. Farnaam has received his Ph.D. in Engineering from UC Berkeley, and is the author/co-author of nine patents


Allan Albacete – IT Director

Focused in the IT industry in the last 12 years, Allan firmly established his expertise in the software and applications development. He was part of the IT team of a well-known healthcare provider in the Philippines. His duties includes project management and a team lead on computer systems analysis, design, and programming .

Allan was a senior analyst/programmer for a Top 500 financial asset management in Philippines and also worked as IT Consultant. His duties also included systems administration, database maintenance, and web design and development. He also worked for Aquagebil, LLC, Atlanta, GA, under their Computer System Selling Service and developed their IVR CRM system. Allan is a graduate of the Infotech Computer College where he was also a faculty member.